Does Carbonated Water Hydrate You?

Carbonated Water HydrationThe short answer is YES!  Carbonated water offers the same level of hydration as water that is carbonated.  Drinking carbonated water will hydrate you just as effectively as tap water.

Not all beverages have the same ability to hydrate you though.  Drinks that contain caffeine (such as colas, energy drinks, coffee, and tea) can act as a diuretic, and cause your body to diminish its water reserves.  A diuretic by definition, is a substance that causes an increased flow of urine, which can contribute to dehydration.  If you are consuming a bottled carbonated water, then check the ingredients to see if caffeine is listed as an additive.  Many bottled waters add artificial flavors, sodium, and other substances in an effort to improve taste.  If you are on a diet that has you limiting sugars or carbohydrates, then be aware that some flavored bottled waters may contain these.  Always ensure that you consult your physician or dietician if you have dietary concerns.

By using a water carbonator to create your own sparkling water, you can be assured that only pure tap water and CO2 are the only ingredients included.  You can use natural additives for flavoring, such as a splash of citrus juice.  This can serve as a great substitute for soft drinks, and still allow you to consume a carbonated beverage with flavor.

You should make an effort to drink plenty of water on a daily basis to ensure that you stay properly hydrated.  Water is a main ingredient in most drinks, but there is nothing that compares to drinking pure water.  The Nutritionist, Dr. Robert Keith was used as a source in an article posted on the Alabama Cooperative Extension System (, which confirms a high correlation between heavy consumption of soft drinks and obesity.  Sparkling water can serve as a great alternative to soft drinks.  Water is 100% calorie-free, and should be a part of everyone’s daily diet.

So to reiterate, carbonated water will hydrate a person just as effectively as regular tap water, without the negative impact of other popular high calorie carbonated beverages.