Water Carbonator

Water CarbonatorDrinking carbonated water is a hot trend that continues to gain steam, and many people are turning to a home water carbonator or soda machine for both cost savings and convenience.  The Italian San Pellegrino and the French Perrier are a couple of the most popular brands of soda water, but they are also some of the most expensive.
Imagine being able to make your own sparkling water, your own sodas, or your own flavored carbonated water in the comfort of your own home.  They take up very little counter space, and offer a great alternative to get off of the store-bought sodas that are high in sugars or aspartame.  You get to control the level of carbonation, the strength of the flavor, but most importantly the ingredients that go into flavoring it.
Some additional advantages from making your own carbonated water are that you no longer will need to carry those heavy bottles home from the store, and you get to save the storage space in your pantry. 

Carbonated water can be made on demand in a matter of seconds, and you never have to worry about your drink going flat.  If it does, a quick blast of carbonation from your soda machine will have it sparkling again.  One of the biggest benefits though is environmental.  Home water carbonators come with reusable bottles.  No more disposable plastic bottles,  glass bottles, or aluminum cans.  Just think about all of the space that could potentially be saved in landfills.

Soda makers are easily used, and do not require any electricity or batteries.  They are powered by water carbonator canisters.  These water carbonators are exchangeable, so you don’t need to worry about the environmental impact of discarded carbonators winding up in landfills.  You simply fill your container with water, juice, or your choice of liquid, secure it to the home soda maker, and press the button a few times to add carbonation.  You then have the choice of adding flavors to create your own flavored carbonated water or soda.
The water carbonator canisters are usually available in two sizes, depending upon the type of soda machine you have.  The standard 14.5 oz carbonators will produce approximately 60 liters of carbonated beverages.  The large 33 oz carbonators will produce approximately 130 liters of carbonated beverages.  It is a good idea to keep a spare water carbonator on hand.  If one runs out, you can swap in the spare and have plenty of time to obtain a replacement.  Please note that not all soda machines will accept the bigger 33 oz carbonators.  You should check your manual to ensure that your  carbonated water maker will accept a 33 oz canister before ordering a spare.
SodaStream is one of the most popular manufacturers of sparkling water and soda makers.  They are currently offering around 7 or 8 different soda machines.  There are several other manufacturers that create a variety of water carbonators, including the more portable iSi Twist and Sparkle Beverage Carbonating System.
Discover how enjoyable it can be to make and drink your own carbonated beverages.  Make sure you read our informative articles about some of the most common questions about making and consuming carbonated water.  Some of the most common questions asked about carbonated water are:

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Once you own a water carbonator, you will wonder how you ever survived without one.